5 Reasons to Give New Moms Homemade Baby Quilts

Everyone shopping for a shower gift or newborn present hopes to get something that’ll stand out from the crowd, but usually it’s the baby that’s the focus of the search. She’ll look so cute in that outfit, or he’ll just adore that furry teddy bear.

But Junior’s got two partners as he navigates his babyhood, one of whom is his devoted mom, so a really special gift will be one that the mom enjoys as much as the baby.

1. Handmade Baby Quilts Wow Weary Moms

Put yourself in her place. Her world revolves around some mighty drab items, like the diapers that constantly need changing, and the towels stained with spit-up. Bottle sterilizers and plastic bath tubs are high on utility but low on eye appeal.

Now suppose you came to the baby shower with a fabulous boutique baby quilt lovingly crafted by a skilled quilter who knows how to make unique baby quilts with colorful, fanciful designs. No matter how fussy the baby has been, this whimsical piece of cloth art in the crib is guaranteed to bring a smile to a weary mom’s face. Because no matter how ragged life seems to be, there’s this beautifully executed baby quilt with its cheerful design fully intact.

Maybe it’s a minky baby quilt with patches of textured fabric, or maybe it has a sailboat theme, that reminds her how much the family enjoys boating. Baby quilts hand made from flannel and fashioned with unique baby quilt ideas are a bright spot in the nursery and a sure-fire mood elevator.

2. What Baby Loves, Mama Loves

Every mom lives for the health and happiness of her baby. The new arrival will enjoy a baby quilt made from flannel right from the start. The soft, soothing fabric will enable her to drift off to Dreamland with her well-loved quilt on the journey. That makes for a very happy mom.

The quilt can travel to Grandma’s house, or Auntie’s beach condo, so the baby will be calmed and comforted by having a faithful companion along for the trip. Now, how great does that make a mom feel?
She’ll also appreciate the safety of a hand-made baby quilt. No sharp edges to hurt the little one. No break-off parts that might be swallowed. Baby can cuddle with his quilt without mishap.

3. Busy Moms Love Practical Products

Breakable little dolls, trucks he can’t use for years, outfits too big for this summer and too small for next, fail to gladden a mother’s heart. But all handmade baby quilts for sale are one-size fits all, and they’re ready to start providing pleasure immediately. You can wash them and dry them, so they’ll always be clean next to the baby’s skin. And they’ll keep their good looks as time goes by.

4. She’ll appreciate the keepsake potential.

Moms are the glue of the family, keeping peace among siblings and forming bonds with the next generation.

A new mom will instantly recognize the value of a keepsake baby quilt as an heirloom to be loved and cherished by the next users as a direct link to the dad or granddad who owned it first. Sadly, we live in a throw-away society, because so many products weren’t designed for longevity. Not a well-made baby quilt, which is washable, dryer-safe and stitched with professional expertise, is designed to last for years.

5. She’ll Appreciate the Gift-Giver

Baby may love the super-soft feel of her homemade baby quilt, and delight in the whimsical animals and flowers that brighten the design, but it’ll be a while before she understands who brought her this special present. Mom, however, will know at once that you were the one who took the time to find the ideal gift, chosen with her family in mind and designed to make happy memories.

The shopper looking for handmade baby quilts to buy has a happy search in store. This gift, carefully chosen, will have lasting impact on the loved ones who get them.

What To Factor In When Getting Leg Warmers For Babies

Leg warmers are clothing articles that are somewhat similar to socks. However, they are footless and thicker in form. They were traditionally worn by dancers to maintain stability and thermoregulation during long rehearsals, but, with the popularization of dance movies like Fame, Footloose and Flashdance, they have transformed into a fashion trend. Ever since the 1980’s, leg warmers have made their way into the closets of men and women. Today, there are even leg warmers for babies, which stand as a testimony of their continued relevance.

They usually differ in length. However, they are very consistent in width size, since they are created from stretchable materials. These come in a variety of forms, including cotton, wool, aschenille, mohair, angora and cashmere. With textile innovation, they can now also be bought made out of synthetic fiber such as spandex, nylon, polyester and lycra.

In choosing what to get, it is important that you know what you value most about the item before you jump into getting wholesale leg warmers. Each kind of material offers distinct advantages and disadvantages in terms of upkeep and comfort. Wrong assumptions can lead to dissatisfying purchases. It would definitely be costly, especially if you are buying for your kids.

Wool, for example, is really warm and durable. It is breathable and resistant to wear and tear. On top of that, it is dirt and fire proof. But it can be quite itchy to wear and is prone to shrinkage, which makes it a pain to maintain. There is no solution to the itchiness except to change your preference. But for conservation, a user just has to know the proper way to wash those made out of wool so they don’t get ruined right away. One tip would be to use warm water and dish detergent instead of laundry cleaners, since this type of fabric does not respond well to harsh chemicals.

Cashmere ones, on the other hand, are more expensive compared to other variants. But they make up for it in luxury and longevity. Like wool, cashmere is airy, durable and wrinkle free. It has the added bonus of becoming softer with age. Washing it is a breeze, since you only have to soak it in water and detergent to take out the grease.

Cotton leg warmers for babies and adults are probably the most accessible kind. But they are no less luxurious than the previous two. Cotton provides a soft, smooth feel, yet, it is very durable. It adheres to its color and form, even after repeated washing. It also absorbs moisture, which makes it great for any physical activity. And of course, it provides warmth and security.

These pieces of clothing were formerly just for adults and appreciated mostly for their aesthetic appeal. But given its health advantages, they are now popularly used on infants as well, to prevent slips and injuries, and to keep them snug during unstable weather conditions. Moreover, leg warmers help keep circulation going like stockings, which is something children below a year old could benefit from. And then, there is the obvious fact that they are amusing and are beautiful fashion statements. Getting wholesale leg warmers will not only save you money, but will also keep your baby stylishly coordinated for the week.

10 Tips for Planning a Baby Baptism

God has blessed you with a precious new life. You are delighted, awestruck at the miracle you witness. You have fallen instantly in love with your little angel from heaven. You are grateful to God for the safe delivery. Now it is time to plan for your baby’s baptism.

A beautiful religious event–rich in spiritual tradition–deserves thoughtful planning. Here are some helpful tips, both spiritual and practical, to plan a memorable and sacred event:

1. Your newborn is now a member of a family which was begun by your and your spouse’s ancestors. Your child has inherited an immediate family of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. When you begin planning for the Baptism of your child, be certain to select a date where most of the immediate family and significant family members can attend. Contact them before writing the invitations. Do your best to include people who will be part of your child’s life throughout the years.

2. Speak with your pastor. Be understanding of his schedule and the procedures in place at your parish. Keep in mind that most parishes now have a common date for infant baptisms. Be considerate and thoughtful if you feel a need to request an alternate date.

3. Do not assume you are able to use the Church hall for your reception. Often parish halls are booked well in advance for other church and community activities. Make certain the hall is available.

4. If the Church hall is not available, reserve another venue in a timely manner. Some venues require up to 6 weeks for reservations.

5. When compiling your guest list, be certain the location for the party can accommodate the number of people you plan to invite.

6. Choose Baptismal invitations with a spiritual/religious theme. The event, is, after all, a formal introduction into the Christian community.

7. Write and mail the invitations about eight weeks prior to the Baptism.

8. It may not seem obvious, but have another family member double-check your guest list. It might be hurtful to family members if some of them have been unintentionally overlooked.

9. Speak with the Godparents. They need to be clear what you will expect of them on that day. Make it clear who is to prepare the baby’s Christening outfit. In some traditions, the Godmother provides the baby’s Baptismal outfit. While in other families, a family heirloom outfit is always part of the family tradition for baptisms.

10. Most important of all: Your baby’s baptism is a formal occasion for you and your spouse to “formally” thank the Lord for your baby’s safe arrival. Be reverent. Show your gratitude to God for this great gift.

Now it is time to consider what your tender baby will wear on this first important spiritual day in his or her life.

A baptismal outfit represents something much more than beauty, fashion, or having the child look adorable. What a baby wears for his or her baptism represents purity and innocence. Logically, this means the color of the garment selected should be white to reflect these qualities. The parish community will provide a ceremonial garment to place over the outfit for the religious ceremony.

Take into consideration also that anointing with chrism holy oil will be part of the ceremony. Be certain that the outfit lends itself to opening and closing easily for the Godmother when the priest does the anointing.

You will likely select a lovely lace dress for your little girl, but what are the choices for your son? Traditional, heirloom outfits are most generally lace and in the form of a dress. Many infant boys have been baptized in gowns. This is a centuries’ old tradition.

However, many parents may want to select more masculine outfits for boys–such as tiny baby tuxedos or formal suits. For his Baptism, parents may select adorable one-piece rompers or coveralls. These outfits may be embroidered with symbols appropriate to the celebration.

Look for an outfit that fits loosely for the baby’s comfort. Tight elastic arms, leg bands or waistbands can cause crankiness in a baby who is uncomfortable.

Consider the weather when choosing an outfit. Little bodies cannot regulate temperatures as efficiently as adult bodies can. Comfortable outfits can be made of cotton, linen, satin, as well as in lace and silk. If it is fall or winter, common sense requires adding a tiny cardigan sweater to the baby’s outfit.

And, remember, to dress your baby with a comfortable bodysuit, slip or camisole under the Christening garment. This will prevent chaffing of your little one’s tender skin and help the diaper stay in place.

Add the accessories, and now your new little angel is prepared to welcome Christ and for the community of believers to welcome him or her.

Baby Phat Purses

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